Atmospheric window sills made of solid beech, by Kasper

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We placed secondary walls with the renovation of our living room. As a result, the walls have become wider and the old window sills no longer fit into place. That is why we massief beuken window sills from We initially planned to paint the window sills white, but we liked the wood so much that we opted for a matte varnish. We are very pleased with the result!

Small adjustment, big effect!

The frame widths were different, so we ordered planks of different widths. We milled a round edge of 3mm radius on the protruding part. Then we secured them with polyurethane foam. The plasterer has worked neatly against it. We finished the seams with the window frame and the walls with acrylic sealant. Finally, we finished it twice with transparent varnish. This brings out the wood color more strongly. Finishing before plastering is recommended, but we wanted to keep all options open in terms of finishing.

The dimensions of the windowsill


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