Custom oak window sills, by Joost

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I was looking for new window sills for a long time for my beautiful 1930s home. Window sills with a nice cool authentic look. Through the I came up with the idea to make them myself by means of oak carpentry panels. Result; beautiful oak window sills for my 1930s home. Windowsills in the bay window of the living room and also in a bedroom and study.

Solid oak windowsills

Living room; The bay window actually has 3 faces; - A middle part with dimensions 206 * 27 * 2.6 - Left side with dimensions 75 * 27 * 2.6 - Right side 78 * 27 * 2.6 A shelf can be used for the middle part, for the left and right side I have a shelf sawn in half. I also did some sawing work because of the corners that are there. Buying this shelf in its entirety for the windowsill was too risky for me. The house is skewed and it was impossible to measure everything. Splitting it into 3 planes was the right solution. For the corners I first made a kind of mold with cardboard. I marked these on the wooden planks after which I could saw them off with the saw. I was able to buy 2 custom oak panels for the study and bedroom. There are no crooked walls or complicated corners here. I painted the windowsills with Rambo armored lacquer transparent matt colorless. The window sills are then secured with mounting kit and the seams are also provided with a kit filling. I am very pleased with the end result, it turned out really nice. It is also a project that you don't have to be very handy for, you have to be able to work very accurately, since I had to saw some corners in the plank.

The dimensions of the project

The format (lbh) for the 3 rooms was as follows: Living room, bay window consisting of 2 parts; 206.0 * 27.0 * 2.6 + 155.0 * 27.0 * 2.6 Bedroom: 174.0 * 26.0 * 2.6 Study: 83.0 * 26.0 * 2.6

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