DIY: custom MDF window sills, by Riehaan

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We were looking for ready-made window sills, but unfortunately they were not affordable for us and did not think it was worth it. Eventually, after some google work, I ended up on Affordable prices and they SAW PERFECTLY !!

Custom-made windowsill

Preparation: Before we could place everything, we made a framework where we could place the MDF . Order: Then everything measured and ordered! Within 2 weeks we were able to get everything neatly, measured and it was right up to the mm's! Window sills Then sawn in the corners with a jigsaw. It is possible to have this done by, but we found it too expensive / not worth it. Windowsill planks placed level and secured with screws. The result itself is really nice. More beautiful than we expected!! (even if we say so ourselves)

The dimensions of the windowsills

Our sizes Front = 3x 106.8x48.0 cm Bedroom = 2x 125.2x49.0 cm Washroom = 1x 122.3 x49.0 cm

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