Conversion radiator MDF, by Brian

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I made a conversion with windowsill to cover the radiator. The casing is made of a beam construction and MDF boards. The conversion is completely painted with lacquer paint

Conversion with windowsill

I started by making a drawing to scale. After I measured and drew everything, I was able to order everything I needed. First I made a frame of beams 44.0*44.0 cm. I made this frame level and attached it to the walls with nail plugs. Then I attached the MDF plates to the frame with screws. After all the plates were attached, I started filling and sanding everything. So that everything is nice and smooth. After that I could start painting, first painted twice with primer for MDF. And finally 1 more time with lacquer paint (cloud gray)

Conversion of MDF blank

293,2 cm* 44,0 cm * 60,2 cm

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