Radiator housing with oak top, by Richard

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We have made a conversion for the long narrow radiator in the living room, with a corner cabinet for the stereo and TV and widening of the windowsills.

Radiator conversion

First, a skeleton was made of spruce slats. 3 slotted panels are made of MDF. The underside, between the legs, is kept quite spacious and sawn in an arc. The MDF boards are painted and nailed to the frame. Then the oak top that we ordered from TOSIZE.co.uk was stained and placed on top. That way, the wood is well protected and blends in nicely with the rest of our furniture. We are very satisfied with the end result and receive nice reactions from friends and acquaintances.

Conversion with Oak leaf

The outside dimensions are 270.0 cm x 75.0 cm for the surround. The cabinet is 75.0 cm high and the corner is 75.0 x 75.0 cm.

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