Radiator Casing with Multiplex, by Michelle

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A conversion to the radiator in the living room from Multiplex berken . I had the conversion completely cut to size except for the miter and mounted it on slats.

Conversion around the radiator

Planks have been cut to size for the top and front. We mitered the boards on one side so that they fit together nicely. Then they are mounted on 3 slats. There are two slats at the front and one at the top. Where the boards meet with the miter, I used wood glue for the sturdiness. The side panel is mitered on two sides for a fitting whole. Pay attention! The miter is not cut to size by TOSIZE.co.uk.

Tailor-made conversion

120.0 cm wide, 20.0 cm deep, 83.0 cm high.

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