DIY radiator conversion for the hall, by Kees Jan

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A radiator housing for the radiator in the hall. In this way, the radiator is out of sight and a shelf has been created to put keys and trifles on. The openings at the front of the radiator are there for the passage of the heat.

Customized radiator conversion

The MDF used was largely cut to size. This ensures that everything is tight and saves sawing work. I had given all the different dimensions of the MDF slats/planks a name which is indicated with a sticker on the planks. The corners for the plinth at the bottom of the radiator housing have been cut out with a jigsaw. The majority of the MDF connections are made with dowels. Working with dowels was a first time for me, but I really liked it and it was fun to do. When the whole thing was put together with dowels, the radiator housing was fixed even more with a few screws out of sight.

The dimensions of the conversion

140.0*30.0*95.0cm: The radiator housing has a height of 95.0cm. The maximum depth is 30.0cm and the width is 140.0cm.

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