bathroom cabinet, from floor to ceiling, by Martijn

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2 minutes


Replace existing cabinet for a sleek new cabinet. Purchased drawing made hinges and ordered wood (MDF water resistant) from I didn't know it existed, but I had to because of all the (DIY) stores that were closed. As it turns out, this is cheaper than the hardware store! I went to get it myself which was even cheaper and fun too. Got a few practice pieces for measuring the hinges.

Bathroom cabinet replaced with MDF moisture resistant

There was a cupboard but it fell apart and was skewed on all sides due to moisture (bathroom). I am going to assemble it in the shed, then drill the hinges apart again and then paint. Then in each other in 2 parts (it is a small bathroom) and assemble on site. If I wanted to place the cabinet in one piece, it wouldn't fit through the door or I couldn't tilt it because the cabinet runs from floor to ceiling. Whoever the cupboard was for would paint it himself in a favorite color. Beautiful hinges from Blum, soft-close, surface-mounted and adjustable on all sides, which is nice when there are 3 doors above each other. Then you want to be able to "fine-tune" them so that doors do not touch each other but close on the mm.

The dimensions of the project

261.0 x37.0 cm with three doors one above the other. I leave the old plinth. 3 doors on top of each other.

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