Washbasin furniture made of moisture-resistant MDF, by Joris

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To replace our old washbasin furniture, I made a new sleek washbasin https://www.tosize.ie/mdf-moistureresistant-v313 More spacious than before, with handle-less doors and an extra shelf.

Custom-made washbasin furniture

Based on the outside dimensions of the old washbasin furniture, I made a new design. I opted for my own design because conventional washbasin furniture does not offer the dimensions and space I am looking for. Based on my design, I ordered https://www.tosize.ie/mdf-moistureresistant-v313 , which was delivered perfectly to size. After first having primed all the planks, I screwed the cabinet together (just pre-drill it!) and then finished it with a satin gloss finish in three layers. I have equipped the cabinet with handle-less doors that open by means of a handy click system, so-called push snappers. The result is beautiful; a sleek design with the extra space I need.

The dimensions of the washbasin furniture

75.0 cm wide, 76.0 cm high and 43.0 cm deep

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