Washbasin furniture from Vurenhout, by Manette

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I have made a washbasin that fits perfectly under our existing washbasins. It turned out to be very difficult (or expensive) to have this made, so I set to work myself.

DIY: washbasin furniture from Spruce wood

First of all I drew up the design and calculated how many beams and battens of which size I needed (see my shopping cart). Afterwards it turned out that I was still 2 blocks of 7.0 x 7.0 x 7.0 cm short, because the crossbar that you see at the front is not present at the back. Because the furniture comes into the bathroom, I first sanded the wood and then treated it twice with transparent stain. I made the wood joints with dowels and wood line. For the short slats I only used wood glue because they also rest on the beam. In places where it is not visible I have provided things with metal plates. To ensure that the furniture would fit exactly with the washbasins, I used adjustable feet for the last 2.0 cm (the total height of the washbasins is 82.0 cm).

Washbasin furniture precisely tailored

Width: 135.5 cm Height: 80.0 cm Depth: 51.0 cm

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