Bathroom furniture for small bathrooms made of solid Oak, by André

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A washbasin cabinet from massief eiken 26 mm dik gevingerlast . The panels are sawn in such a way that the slats continue. The panels are put together cold and connected with dowels and glue. The table is hung blind on the wall.

Washbasin furniture made of natural Oak

Our bathroom needed to be replaced. Because the bathroom is small (dim. 1.5 x 2.55 m), it was necessary to shift the interior, in order to still have a practical whole. After our visit to various bathroom specialists, we made a design for the bathroom ourselves and carried out everything ourselves. Given the space, I also decided to make the bathroom furniture yourself. See accompanying sketch for a cutting list. Because the tiles in the bathroom were gray and anthracite, we opted for a wooden washbasin of massief eiken , which gives a warm and natural look. To properly display the feeling of wood, we treated the furniture with a hard wax oil, which is also used for parquet floors.

Washbasin furniture made to measure

The dimensions are: length = 100.0 cm depth = 47.0 cm height = 30.0 cm

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