Homemade pinewood dining table by Brian

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Work description: how did you realize your project

We have incorporated various pine elements in our interior. In addition to this, we were looking for a pine table top. Ultimately we ended up at TOSIZE.com and ordered the pine table top to our liking here. We have realized a home-made dining table with the pine top. When ordering, we opted for a round finish at the edges of the top so that it no longer has sharp edges. This ensures that the table is comfortable and the arms can be placed on the table without any problems. Elsewhere on the internet we have ordered table legs and mounted them under the top ourselves. The result: a practical and beautiful wooden table that fits perfectly into our interior!

Pine table top

The final size of the table is 220.0 x 100.0 cm. Experience We are very happy with the end result! If we need a wooden panel again in the future, we know where to go :)

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