Budget idea: make your own kitchen cabinets from underlayment

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We have replaced the old kitchen fronts with beautiful underlayment kitchen fronts. In short, a completely new DIY kitchen within a day and for little money.

How to make kitchen cabinets yourself:

24We used the old fronts as templates, so first measured them carefully and passed on the sizes to TOSIZE.co.uk. When these came in, everything was first properly put in the matt parquet lacquer, three layers per side. Then dismantled each front 1 by 1 and drilled the holes that were in the old front. This allowed us to place the old front on the new one and thus precisely determine the position of the hinges and drawer plugs. Then the new front has been installed and our new kitchen is a fact. For the hinge holes we got a special border and our drawers are attached with special plugs, which are available via the internet. Installed new handles and now enjoy a completely new kitchen for little money.

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

Our kitchen is approximately 5 meters long in the longest length. That is on the chimney side and about 80.0 cm deep.

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