Pimp Ikea kitchen & hallway with robust OSB, by Mark

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We have replaced the doors of the Ikea kitchen to get a softer/natural look. And in the hallway we made a coat rack partly from OSB.

Kitchen doors and coat rack from OSB

At work I had a desk and sofa made of OSB, this gave such a warm feeling that we decided to use more OSB in our own home. As the first project we tackled the hallway, where we made a coat rack part. There is still a rod and hooks for the coats, but the OSB is in place. For the kitchen we have chosen to replace some doors with OSB. By having it cut exactly to size, I only had to make a mold for the hinges and we were done.

The dimensions of the project

doors 40.0x80.0 to 60.0x160.0 shelves for the corridor 20.0x20.0 to 20.0x120.0

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