Replacing kitchen cabinets with birch plywood, by Joyce

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2 minutes


I made 3 18 mm thick new kitchen cabinets berken multiplex I milled them in and moved the hinges from the old cabinets. This gives a very natural effect instead of the boring yellow kitchen cupboards that used to be hung there.

Custom kitchen doors

I measured the old cabinets and multiplex berken 18 mm plates from Then I calculated how wide the strips should be when I would have a milling width of 8 mm, this came out at 4.2 cm ... (see excel file) for the large and small panels, this had to be done of course are exactly the same. By guiding the cutter with a long bar, I was able to make beautiful cutters of 8 mm wide and 8 mm deep. You can also see the wood pattern at this distance very nicely through it at this depth. With the Wolfcraft hinge drill I placed the old boxes on top of the new ones and drilled the hinge holes, this is very simple. I drilled the holes for the handles, after which I sanded everything very well and varnished it with SIGMAVAR WS MATT. This varnish remains very matt and the wood does not discolour at all. Tip: order the small door as a test so that you can test with the milling and hang it up to see if the project is going to be successful. We painted the rest of the kitchen, see before-after photo :-)

The dimensions of the Plywood

The dimensions of the 2 large panels are: 86.0 x 59.4 cm. These are only sawn, not finished. The size of the small panel is: 86.0 x 29.4 cm

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