Shoes carousel MDF and scaffolding tube, by Ray

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To make the best possible use of a deep niche in the bedroom, for the clear arrangement of shoes, this carousel is made of cut-to-size MDF cirkels and scaffolding tube . To keep everything running smoothly, the vertical tube is mounted between thrust bearings.

Custom carousel shoes

The circles are supplied by In each circle a hole has been drilled exactly in the middle of 30mm for the scaffolding tube of 26.9mm. The MDF circle is attached to the scaffolding tube by means of tube feet by means of four bolts of 5mm. The MDF is painted in acrylic metallic lacquer. Ball bearings and thrust bearings are used on both sides to keep the tube running smoothly. The bearings are clamped in scaffolding tube feet at the top and bottom

The dimensions of the project

The 10 circles are made of 18mm MDF with lacquer carrier foil with a diameter of 85.0 cm. The height between which the revolving scaffold tube is clamped is 2.4m

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