Solid beech work table for Ceramics studio, by Cees

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A raw beechwood work table with storage space for my wife's ceramics studio. A flat moisture absorbing work table is ideal for working with clay.

Solid beech work table

The risk of warping exists with wood, of course, especially if it is untreated. In an attempt to limit this, I milled three steel U-profiles on the underside of the 40mm thick beech worktop, at a total length of 170.0 cm. A lot of drilling and screwing, but hopefully it works. To save space I used plywood drawer cabinets as legs, and placed the top on a beam anchored in the wall. With a width of 90.0 cm, it provides sufficient sales space and the possibility to work on both sides. My wife is happy with the worksheet.

The dimensions of the project

90,0x170,0x4,0 cm

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