Small workbench and workshop in the garage, by An

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Very easy

2 minutes


1 / a wall in multiplex populier . 2 / an old stainless steel worktop got an open base cabinet with shelves in multiplex populier gegrond.

Workbench made to measure

I wanted a very small studio in our garage -> low cost and easy to realize myself. I first measured the wall of the garage and then made an economic distribution. It seemed easiest to work with parts of + - 60.0 cm wide and the height of the door. Sockets and light switch are cut out using a multi-tool. The wall was pre-drilled and the wood was attached to the wall with the correct plugs. The base cabinet is made to measure for an existing stainless steel worktop. Since I like to stack clay, so a heavy weight, the cabinet is supported in 6 places by white metal legs. The cabinet is a very simple construction of 18mm dikke multiplex populier , stitched together. For the shelves I made a hole myself to attach shelf supports. A simple job that was done within a day, together with the wall.

The dimensions of the workbench

- the wall measures + - 265.0 cm x 280.0 cm - the open base cabinet is tailored to the stainless steel worktop, namely 219.0 x 56.0 cm

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