Creative with shelves – wall shelves made of beech wood, by Angelique

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We had been looking for the right solution for placing drums for a while. I wanted to get away from the idea of a gantry because I felt it didn't do justice to these beautiful instruments. The narrow cabinet on the left and surdos on the right had to become part of the whole. Finally we came to the relatively simple choice of planks. But then high-quality wood, a nice thickness and exactly to size! The wood is beautiful and the picture exactly as I imagined it. It has become a beautiful unit!!

Custom wall shelves

Purchase good brackets, of your choice, that can easily bear the weight. We have soldered the braces shut. In this case, the top shelf hangs from the brackets. The bottom shelf rests on it. So we have worked around a mirror here to increase the spatial effect. There is not much else to say about the method. Measure well and have a spirit level at hand. Correct plugs and screws, drill. We also had to take into account the beams of the ceiling so that the drums fit neatly between them. Good luck!

The dimensions of the project

1.70 metersx40.0 cm.

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