Multifunctional homemade bar furniture, by Sander

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In the house, the kitchen is in the living room with a low ceiling. This makes it a challenge to provide a good separation of the spaces. Ultimately, it was decided to create a multifunctional bar: 1: Extra kitchen drawers to store pans, plates, etc. 2: Small open shelves for preserving jars. 3: A seat to work on and have a drink. 4: Storage space for books, sound system and 3D printer

Extra space and a practical separation

1. First put the ideal situation on the drawing (3D model) 2. Then made a deepening of the drawing: A working drawing in which the manufacturability and details are included. 3. The parts list follows from this. I could fill in the necessary planks directly from the 3D model in the configurator of Ideal! 4. The bar is made up of 3 separate modules, each one built and put together. 5. Finishing: routing cable trays, painting, fitting furniture fittings, etc.

A tailor-made bar furniture

2460 x 635 x 1028 l x b x h in mm

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