DIY: MDF kitchen island with marble look top, by Lucien

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In order to make optimal use of the open kitchen in a square, somewhat small space - we have chosen not to place a dining table but a self-designed kitchen island with seating areas on both sides for 4 to 6 people (2 to 3 on each side). An inexpensive variant - cut to size mdf from Then the base wrapped with furniture foil and a plastic marble slab cut to size as a top layer. plastic marble skirting boards (of the same material)

DIY: kitchen island

Step 1 - design made Step 2 - all dimensions measured for the size of the kitchen island (taking into account seating and the opening of cupboard doors and dishwasher + walking space - in this +/- taking standard sizes into account) Step 3 - on a scale of 1: 20 drawn out Step 4 - mdf plate material + plastic marble plates calculated and drawn out & then ordered. Step 5 - first wrapped the frame per part with furniture foil. Step 6 - Frame assembled as a letter H. stretched in width (Secured with wood glue and screws, of course). Step 7 - Worktop placed on top and fixed mounted as described in step 6. Step 8 - plastic marble slab placed on top and sealed. Step 9 - Plastic marble skirting attached with mounting kit. Step 10 - place it where you want it, place bar stools and enjoy! A very simple + cheap way to still experience the experience of a kitchen island!

The dimensions of the island

Sizes of the kitchen island can be seen in the drawing. Thickness kitchen island top 22mm (with a thickness of 4mm plastic marble slab on top - total 26mm thickness) The sides and the middle piece also have a MDF panel thickness of 22mm. Other sizes as indicated earlier can be seen on the drawing.

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