Kitchen fronts with moisture-resistant MDF, by Olga

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We have replaced the kitchen fronts with moisture-resistant MDF. We did this by sealing, sanding, painting and hanging ourselves. We have also put new handles on it.

Renovate kitchen with MDF moisture resistant

1. Everything measured and ordered to size at 2. The edges sealed with MDF filler and lacquer filler. 3. Painted all fronts with MDF primer. 4. Painted 2 layers with Flexa kitchen paint. To achieve the desired color, we ourselves added some yellow pigment to the paint to make the paint less white. 5. Put all the hinges and locks of the old kitchen fronts on the new kitchen fronts and painted all the edges. In between all the steps, we always lightly sanded the wood.

Kitchen fronts made to measure

250,0 cm x 100,0 cm

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