Kitchen conversion from MDF Lacquer, by Harold

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What have you made?

A conversion for the high kitchen cabinets. They are kitchen cabinets from Ikea, the Metod series. To create a beautiful whole, a frame has been realized around the cabinets.

How did you make the kitchen?

First I drew the cupboard wall on the wall and installed the 230v connections. Then I placed and adjusted the Ikea cabinets. Then I made a sawing plan for the boards MDF Lakdraag and saw it to size. Then I placed a line on the wall against which the panels are made. All corners are mitered and glued and tacked on site. Because the panels fit exactly under the ceiling to the nearest mm, it is not possible to assemble the panels first and then slide them into place. After all, you cannot tilt the package because the height is limited. Tip: In the uprights I placed adjusting laths that have been cut exactly to size so that the whole is exactly straight.

What are the measurements?

Height 254.0 cm by 200.0 cm wide. The walls are 10.0 cm wide and the three Ikea cabinets are 180.0 cm wide and 240.0 cm high.

How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Harold's saw list and complete your order easily.

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